Company Background

Mars Software International Ltd. (Mars Software)

The developing countries (like Bangladesh) are lagging behind the developed nations in the use of computers and information technology. This is due to the fact that the developing countries lack in knowledge and the cost of the technology is beyond purchasing capacity of the expected users. Another factor contributing to this is that the developing nations cannot invest desired amount on the development of infrastructure facilities for data communication and information interchange. Generally speaking, no noticeable IT industry -hardware and software, has been developed yet in Bangladesh. Most of the business limited to selling and reselling of foreign made software and hardware. To make computer installation sustainable, home grown software and hardware is a necessity. Being aspirant to export software, data entry services and facilities management services in the international market, Bangladesh needs ISO standard professional software development and data entry services trained manpower.

Keeping in mind on the above context, a group of highly qualified & experienced management and IT specialist, in the beginning of 2001 Mars Software was established with the primary goal of providing first-grade quality service and take a leadership role on Information Technology market. This establishment will be a limited company and the groups expertise lies in information technology; not only business providing exceptional services but its efforts in which encompasses application support, system design and database administration as well as complex endeavors such as feasibility study, software development, data processing, hardware solution, training, etc.

In some instances, our sizable staff helps our clients to pick their peak workloads, allowing them to focus on the operation of their day-to-day business. We also emphasize our capabilities in undertaking large complex development projects, and share with our clients the commitment in meeting stringent deadlines and objectives. We pride our selves in being able to make the difference between a project that is delayed and a job that is well done within a reasonable time frame. We are a customer focus company and strive our best to make them smile.